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  • Dr Sada you’re one of the greatest I have met in my life; you have really changed my life for better. Imagine all my problems are no more. I can now live a wondering free life. Thanks, so much Harriet Here in Sandton

  • Yes, Yes Dr Sada. all was released and they have dropped all charges that were placed against me. Thank you for your efforts.
    Martins In Gaborone

  • No more witchcraft in my home, before I met you Dr Sada my life was a mess, I’m so grateful that all has happened as planned, I can see all happening as I propose. Thank you once again sir
    Nokululeko In Eastern Cape

  • Its me your son here in Namibia in my farm, thank you so much for the efforts to stop my farm and property from being auctioned. I can now work again.
    Joseph here in Namibia

  • Im go grateful for returning my loved one, your love charms and spells have let me be with him again.
    Mariam Here in New York